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Mama Says Namaste Podcast

Welcome to the Mama Says Namaste podcast. I’m Ashley Logsdon, joined by awesome husband Nathan as my cohost and partner in life.  As we RV the States full time and unschool our girls, we invite you not to only hear our story, but create your own.

We’ll take you from chaos to clarity by understanding personality styles, bringing awareness and intention into your home, not waiting for “one day”, and highlighting how the uniqueness in each of us strengthens all of us. 

Each week we deliver a podcast that is under an hour (typically 25 min), diving deep into the topics that we believe help create an "intentional family".  

For the full intro, check out episode 000: What is all this "Mama Says Namaste" Stuff?

Feb 23, 2022

You may not think about intimacy with finances, yet in our last week of our month-long focus on our most important intimate relationship, this is the biggie.

Finances play a huge factor in marital discord and stress, and the more separte you are as a couple in this arena, the more shaky your whole foundation stands. 

We share how to create, calculate and communicate to build the relationship and life where you both are working together to create the world you thrive in.